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The Difference Between Sober Living and Halfway Houses

You can enter a halfway house after completing a medical detox, an inpatient or PHP program. Some halfway houses are self-pay options where you have to pay rent, maintain sobriety and keep up with essential life skills like chores.

difference between sober house and halfway house

A residential inpatient program is not the same as any other sort of treatment. Even after the client has moved into their new home, the housing case manager’s work does not end.

Are There Non-12-Step Sober Living Homes?

Our helpline is offered at no cost to you and with no obligation to enter into treatment. Some homes require that one goes through a formal, medically-assisted detox program. In contrast, others will accept an individual as long as they can prove that they are free of withdrawal symptoms and are not suffering from alcoholism-induced physical and mental disorders. Living in a sober home is less expensive than being admitted to a rehab facility. Some of them offer reduced rental prices, while others are government-funded and are free. Residents have to be clean from alcohol or drugs when they enter the house and should continue to stay dry for all the period they live there. Each recovery house has certain rules that each resident must follow to continue living at the facility.

  • Beginning in the 1830s, religious organizations began to build “dry” hotels where guests were compelled to abstain from using alcohol.
  • As mentioned before, some people living in those recovery homes are administered there by government demand due to legal issues or incarceration.
  • Without government regulations, owners of sober homes may be able to take advantage of tenants in recovery.
  • A halfway house also called a “sober living house” in some states, is a transitional housing facility for drug and alcohol addicts.

They can be paying a fine, apologizing to others, or even in some cases, being asked to move out. When you know that you are able to stay where you are, it is easier difference between sober house and halfway house to create a life that is free of addictive substances. You won’t be faced with triggers, like people or places where you used drugs before entering treatment.

Sober Living House Rules

Today, these facilities, typically government-funded, offer individuals transitional housing – “halfway” to living independently. Usually, it is the halfway point for reformed convicts who have recently been released from prison, who are not yet able to support themselves independently. Other residents at a halfway house may include the homeless, and some are admitted as a requirement of a court order. As you have read, there are fundamental differences in the terms “Halfway Houses” and “Sober Living Homes”. Basically, halfway houses are for parolees, who need to integrate into society after leaving prison. Sober living homes are for the general public, who are struggling with addiction or alcoholism and need to find a structured environment to obtain long term recovery.

  • Halfway houses and sober living homes are essentially quite similar.
  • It’s important to receive regular drug testing as it can help to keep residents accountable for their actions and encourage fellow residents in their recovery.
  • Sober-living facilities are positive places where those who recently finished inpatient rehabilitation treatment, attended an outpatient program or left jail can reside with continued support.
  • The primary purpose of a sober living house is to provide an environment where clients are supported and motivated in maintaining sobriety and preventing relapse.
  • This can range from agreeing to drug tests on a regular basis to adhering to curfews.
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